Divina represents the core values of FoodMatch.

Authentic taste can be seen in classic olive varietals such as the Greek Kalamata, grown exclusively on the Peloponnese Peninsula and also in antipasti selections such as Dolmas, a traditional rice-stuffed grape leaf with the bright flavors of lemon and mint.

Traceability is ever-present as Divina works with the finest small farms throughout the Mediterranean. Our olives and antipasti are handpicked, hand-sorted and cured using an all-natural fermentation process that fully preserves natural flavor.

Divina’s reputation for superb quality is unrivaled in the marketplace. Our award-winning Roasted Red and Yellow Tomatoes are tender and luscious, delicately marinated in oil and herbs. Other Divina favorites such as Greek Olive Mix, Sicilian Castelvetrano olives and Gigandes Beans represent the work of true artisans who draw upon generations of experience to create a complete meze-tapas experience.

FoodMatch also imports a full line of Organic Divina products. Cultivated and cured without pesticides, coloring or additives. Organic Divina is a true expression of why olives, olive oil and the olive tree have been revered for thousands of years.

FoodMatch understands the concerns surrounding importing products from around the world in regards to sustainable practices and full traceability, more of which can be learned about in our Sustainability Practices Statement.

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