FoodMatch Focus: September 2012

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 15:59 by foodmatch
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Crop Update: Roasted Red Peppers
Tailgating Season
New Product Alert: Oil Blend
IOC: Add Some Life
Employee Profile: Selena Ortiz
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Crop Update: Roasted Red Peppers

Our Quality Assurance Manager, Jari Buechler, was in Northeastern Turkey this month to oversee the Divina red pepper harvest and production. She reported from the field that we will have excellent quality from the new crop.

Hot and dry conditions during the growing season yielded an abundant pepper crop across the region. Additionally, our peppers were strategically grown at higher elevations. These fields cool significantly at night allowing the peppers to remain on the plant longer until they reach an optimal size and deep red color. This yields crisper, meatier peppers that retain their firm texture during the roasting and packing process. The result. . . firm and delicious Divina roasted red peppers! The first containers of the new crop will be arriving in October.

Photos From The Pepper Harvest

 Recipe Featuring Red Florina Peppers

Looking for ways to eat more peppers? Try them on tapas!

Roasted Red Florina Pepper Tapa

-       5 pieces Divina Roasted Red Florina Peppers

-       Sherry vinegar or other wine vinegar

-       Sea salt

-       4 ounces dry Spanish chorizo, thinly sliced

-       4 ounces Manchego cheese

-       Extra virgin olive oil

-       1 tablespoon Italian parsley, roughly chopped


1. Drain peppers and pat dry.

2. Cut each pepper crosswise into ½-inch slices.

3. Arrange on platter.

4. Splash with a little vinegar and season with salt.

5. Top with sliced Manchego & Chorizo

6. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with parsley 

Tailgating Season!

Are you ready for football season? Or better yet, tailgating season? Be prepared to cheer on your favorite team with your favorite foods in tow. Here are some of our favorite game time munchies:

Mufuletta Sliders: Top slider rolls with Muffuletta Olive Salad, Salami, Ham & Provolone

Mediterranean Deviled Eggs: Fold Chopped Olive Tapenade into yolk filling.

Sausage & Pepper Skins: Top potato skins with Roasted Pepper Strips and grilled and diced sausage.

Caprese Skewers: Skewer Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, and Fresh Mozz on a toothpick

Bacon Cipolline Kabobs: Wrap Balsamic Cipolline with Bacon.  Thread onto skewers and grill.        

Featured FM Items:


Item #

Case Pack

Muffuletta Olive Salad



Chopped Olive Tapenade


2/5 lb

Roasted Pepper Strips


3/5.75 lb

Roasted Tomatoes


2/4 lb

Cipolline Onions


6/3.5 lb

New Product Alert: 80/20 Olivista Blend

FoodMatch is proud to present the newest addition to our line of foodservice oils: Olivista 80/20 Canola/EVOO Blend Oil. Our new blend features non-GMO, expeller pressed Canola oil (80%) and Olivista California Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (20%).

This versatile foodservice oil is conveniently packaged in a 5 gallon bag-in-box with a spout and is kosher certified. The packaging protects the oil from light, air and contamination, as well as prevents messy spills. Expeller pressing is the process used to extract oil (from rapeseed) in the production of Canola oil and avoids the use of chemical solvents in the extraction process.

Olivista 80/20 Canola/EVOO Blend offers the benefit of a neutral Canola with high smoke point and delivers on flavor with the fresh, fruit-forward flavors of our California olive oil.

IOC: Add Some Life 

The International Olive Council (IOC), based in Madrid, Spain, is the worldwide body that sets quality standards for the olive and olive oil industry. The organization is dedicated to educating consumers about the benefits of olive oil and olives and increasing the consumption of the products around the world.

In 2011, the IOC launched the "Add Some Life" campaign in the United States and Canada to promote and celebrate the health, taste and versatility of olives and olive oil. Over the past 18 months, "Add Some Life" has served as a lively call to action for consumers, encouraging them to add more life to their daily experiences with olive oil and olives.

The campaign reaches consumers, media and industry professionals with exciting new content and information. Through the Add Some Life website and social media channels, readers and followers learn about the products' nutritional benefits, explore inspirational recipes and discover ways to weave olives and olive oil into food and drink when entertaining friends and family at home.

Educational events for media have featured presentations by industry experts, registered dietitians and chefs, who have educated attendees on new health and research findings and the olive oil production process, debunked myths, guided detailed tastings, and inspired a variety of uses and applications for olives and olive oil. These events have armed media and their audiences with new knowledge, research findings, tools, materials, and an enlightened passion for olives and olive oil.

The Add Some Life campaign has earned more than 331 million positive consumer impressions, including extensive consumer-generated social media content and placements in some of North America's most influential publications. A Facebook page and Twitter account were developed for Add Some Life, and have garnered more than 2,200 fans and nearly 500 followers, respectively.

FoodMatch is proud to support the efforts of the Add Some Life campaign and encourages FoodMatch Focus readers to check out the website, where you can view recipes, read recent news and sign up for the health and nutrition newsletter, and follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

FoodMatch Focus: Selena Ortiz
Selena at Making Strides 2011

Employee: Selena Ortiz

Job Title: Junior A/R Representative

# Years @ FoodMatch: 3.5 years

Favorite FoodMatch Moment: There were missing lunches when we opened the our new office on another floor. Following an e-mail requesting the culprit to cease and desist, Phil, FoodMatch's President, stopped me in the middle of the office and said: "Selena can you do me a favor?" to which I replied "certainly," "Please stop stealing marketing's lunches." I laughed for a week.

Favorite Food: Roasted Garlic... followed by breath mints

Little known facts/hobbies: This will be my third year participating in the Making Strides Walk Against Breast Cancer. I am also occasionally a backup singer for the punk rock band Tight Chocolate. Solo / dance single coming soon!

"Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing."

Walt Kelly

Thank you for reading this edition of FoodMatch Focus.

FoodMatch, Inc.

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FoodMatch Focus: August

Friday, 31 August 2012 10:14 by foodmatch
News From FoodMatch, Inc.
In This Issue
Olympic Diets
Healthy Eating & Higher IQ
Best of Burgers
Divina Pesto
Fried Green Olives
Employee Profile
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Olympic Diets

This August was filled with Olympic spirit as athletes from around the world gathered in London, England to compete in the Olympic games. Non-athletes only need about 2,000 calories a day to function while athletes need more than double that to fuel their bodies.

The foods that they turn to sustain are "regular meats, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, veggies." The main food they avoid is anything highly processed.

You can create a meze plate using the colors of the olympic rings:

Red: Roasted Red Tomatoes

Yellow: Roasted Yellow Peppers

Green: Dolmas

Black: Greek Ripe Black, Pitted

Blue: Mt. Athos Stuffed w/Blue Cheese

Healthy Eating and Higher IQ

Now parents have incentives to feed their children healthy foods such as satisfying fruits and vegetables. According to a study published by the European Journal of Epidemiology, children's IQ levels increase by up to 2 points by age 8 when they eat healthy foods. The study looked at 7,000 children's diets. 

The critical period for eating healthy is between 15 and 24 months when brain tissue is developing. Consuming "legumes, cheese, fruit and vegetables" proved to be beneficial for the children's IQ levels. The message to take away from this study, say the researchers, is that "it is important that we consider the longer-term impact of the foods we feed our children." 

Visit Oldways to learn more about the Mediterranean Diet and easy ways to incorporate these healthy foods into your family's diet.

Best of the Burgers
 Forget about the fast-food burger! 2012 is all about the improved burger which boasts higher quality meat and delectable toppings. Two examples of better-burger limited-service restaurants are Smashburger and Five Guys Burgers and Fries which thrive on high quality ingredients. A key point of success for these restaurants are the gourmet toppings that are a part of the "build-your-own" concept.

For a Mediterranean twist on your burger, try a turkey, salmon or lamb patty. 

Top with a delectable assortment of FoodMatch items: 

70303 Divina Roasted Red Tomatoes 6/3.75 lb
60911 Cannone Cipolline Onions, Sliced 6/3.3 lb
31000 Beaufor Dijon Mustard 2/11.25 lb
D0120-3 Divina Roasted Red Pepper Strips 3/5.75 lb
55005 Divina Portabella Mushrooms Marinated w/Roasted Peppers (sliced) 2/6.25 lb
 New Item Alert: Divina Pesto
Basil Pesto
Chopped basil with fresh garlic and parmesan cheese. Our frozen foodservice pesto will keep its bright green color - naturally. Without nuts, it's safe and ready to use on salads, sandwiches, and of course, pasta!

Item # D0390 | Case Pack 4/4.25 lb

Sundried Tomato Pesto

A tangy, coarse-chopped pesto with visible chunks of tomato, tomatillo, roasted red peppers, basil and parsley. Excellent as 'pesto' or used as a bright fresh tapenade. Perfect for sandwiches, salads, dressings, on cheeses and pasta.


Item D0392 | Case Pack 4/4.25 lb

*Both Pestos are packed frozen and can ship with our Roasted Red Tomatoes.

Fried Green Olives
French Blue restaurant in St. Helena, Napa Valley, California is using Divina's Pitted Mt. Athos Green Olives in its kitchen and the result is an amazing appetizer which sits proudly at the top of the fresh ingredient menu. Chef Philip Wang was kind enough to share the recipe for this delicious treat.

Use Divina Pitted Mt. Athos Green Olives and simply bread them with flour, egg wash and toasted bread crumbs and then fry them in organic rice bran oil. Serve with Romesco sauce for dipping.

Romesco Sauce:

1 cup toasted almonds - skin on

5 cloves garlic

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

1/4 cup sherry vinegar

2 cups red bell peppers, charred and peeled

Chile flakes to taste

Salt to taste

Purée everything in the blender until smooth. Season to taste with chile flakes and salt.

Visit The Brave Apron blog for an amazing 'Figgy Scone Roll' recipe using FoodMatch's very own Ficoco, Fig & Cocoa Spread. This recipe is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack with a cup of tea. There are endless possibilities for this spread. Melt a small amount and pour over vanillla ice cream, spread on a piece of toasted challah or use as a thumbprint cookie filling.
Employee Profile: Sean Glossner

Job Title: Regional Merchandising Specialist

# Years @ FoodMatch: 3.5 years

Favorite FoodMatch Moment : Working my first Fancy Food Show. It was my first time in San Francisco. It was a great overall experience and an opportunity to see the full scope of our product line.

Favorite Food: I really enjoy all types of cuisine, but I especially like Thai and Italian.

Little known facts/hobbies: I like to cook and host wine dinners. I also enjoy golfing and I am an avid supporter of my favorite NFL team, the Cincinnati Bengals.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw

Thank you for reading this edition of FoodMatch Focus.

FoodMatch, Inc.

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FoodMatch Focus: July 2012

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 10:19 by foodmatch
In This Issue
The Olive Tree
French Trends & Pitted Cocktail Mix
Dalmatia in the Headlines
Real Kalamata Campaign
Essential Flavors of the Mediterranean
Employee Profile: Reva Star
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The Olive Tree
 This month Smithsonian Magazine's blog Off The Road: The Travel Adventures of a Nomad on the Cheap called out the "Tallest, Strongest and Most Iconic Trees in the World." The sturdy olive tree made the list due to its ability to survive and produce fruit in regions where other vegetation dies. It's rumored that the oldest olive tree is 4,000 to 5,000 years old in Bethlehem in the West Bank.
Keeping Up with Trends - French Cuisine

For many decades French cuisine, while revered for its quality, developed a reputation for being rather expensive, high-end and elaborate. In recent years, the trend coined "Gastro Bistro" emerged as the standard, rather than exception in French dining.

"Luxury is out and affordable is in.  Gastro Bistro calls for a more relaxed ambiance and smaller bills than haute cuisine traditionally demands.  France's top chefs are ordering 'democratic dining' such as Alain Senderens, who shocked the French culinary establishment by giving up his three Michelin stars, trading in the pressure of a 

€300-a-head restaurant for something simpler and more relaxed." - Joel Ray

As Gastro Bistro continued to gain steam, the French population increased their demand to get high quality food at a faster pace and for less money.  In response, France has invented its own style of upscale food to go.  Menus are teeming with affordable and fresh snacks, sandwiches and pizzas.  Ingredients have stayed true to the roots of traditional French cuisine, but the delivery of them has been turned on its head.  

A term often associated with this movement is "Bien Manger," which translates to "eat well."  The theory behind "Bien Manger" is to make a culinary commitment to find nutritional balance, variation, convenience and quality, all while sharing meals with friends and family.  Valery Lobry of Comexposium's agriculture and food division estimates that 80% of people in France eat in the company of others and 80-85% of workers return home for lunch to eat with their families. 

FoodMatch recently expanded its Barnier Fresh Harvest line of olives to include a mix that exemplifies the essence of "Bien Manger!" 

Our new French Cocktail Mix, Pitted (Item #FR111) is perfect for cocktail hour or lunch at home.  Young and buttery green olives, tart pink olives and fully ripened black olives are mixed with crunchy Lupini beans and sweet red & yellow peppers in an herb marinade. 

Set out a bowl of Pitted French Cocktail Mix with a baguette and favorite French cheeses such as brie or comté.  Pair with a crisp white wine or verjus blanc spritzer for a refreshing summer soirée.

Making Headlines - Dalmatia Spreads
Dalmatia Holidays   
Dalmatia Fig Spread has been stealing headlines this year!

Dalmatia Fig Spread started the year off with a bang being featured in The Kitchn, the food focused blog of Apartment Therapy. Spreading it on toast, adding it to brownies, or enjoying it with some cheese are some of the suggested uses on the site.

Featured on, a "shopping weblog for women", the Fig Spread is touted as a time saver allowing women to relax and savor the tasty treats of the Mediterranean. This post is linked to JustLuxe, an Affluent Lifestyle Guide where the spread is also featured.

The most recent feature is on The Skinny Office in which healthy lunch and snacking options are discussed for the working person who sits at their desk all day. Their idea for a tempting sandwich made from prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, arugula and Dalmatia Fig Spread sounds like a sure-fire hit to us!

Dalmatia Fig Spread was not the only spread in the news. Dalmatia Sour Cherry spread made it onto The suggestion to serve the Cherry Spread with brie and almonds is only one of many ways to enjoy the mouthwatering taste of tart cherries. These cherries are packed with flavor and aroma.  
The Real Kalamata Campaign

The new crop of Divina Kalamata Olives is in stock and the quality is so inspiring, FoodMatch has launched a complementary interactive marketing campaign to support it. 


Our "Real Kalamata" recipe booklet feature 13 original and user-friendly recipes for family favorites such as pizza, salads and one-pot chicken.  Each uses Divina Kalamata in a unique way that delivers bold flavor. 

Additionally, we've also launched, an interactive website that allows users to upload photos and descriptions of how they use Divina Kalamata olives in their everyday meals or snacks.  All submissions receive a post on the website and a free Real Kalamata tote bag made from natural Jute.

Retailers should contact their FoodMatch sales representative to learn about these and other marketing tools available to promote this campaign in their stores. 

Essential Flavors of the Mediterranean
Oil Bottle 
As Mediterranean foods become more of a staple on North American menus, Mark Halperin, a Food & Beverage expert for QSR Magazine decided to pair down the essential flavors of various countries in the Mediterranean.  His theory is that restaurants can combine these exotic or unique flavors with more traditional American fare to create inspired menu choices.
He lists the Mediterranean regions' most essential signature flavors as:
Southern France/Italy:
Garlic, olive oil, parsley, anchovy and tomato
Northern Italy:
Wine vinegar and garlic
Olive Oil, garlic, nuts, onion, pepper and tomato
Cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, onion, tomato and fruit
Tomato and cinnamon
What are your thoughts on essential flavors of the Mediterranean?  Send us your opinions by emailing
Employee Profile: Reva Star
Reva after finishing the NYC Triathalon.
Name:   Reva Star

Job Title:  Purchasing Supervisor

# Years @ FoodMatch:  7 years

Favorite FoodMatch Moment:  The holiday party each year is always fun, particularly the Golden Olive Awards!  It's a great time to catch up with everyone in the office and look back on the year's events. 

Favorite Food: It's tie between sushi and macaroni & cheese - extreme opposites!  I also love shellfish.

Little known facts/hobbies:  I enjoy long distance running.  I successfully completed my first half marathon last year and this past July 8th finished my 2nd NYC olympic distance triathlon.  I trained for 4 months and raised money for Team In Training on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

 "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
- Virginia Woolf

Thank you for reading this edition of FoodMatch Focus.

FoodMatch, Inc.

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FoodMatch Focus: May, 2012

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 04:08 by

In This Issue
Fancy Food Show Preview
In The News: Verjus
Kalamata Crop Update
Grab an O
Trend Alert: Summer Sauces
In the News: Med Diet
Employee Profile: Mike Rowe
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Booth 3401 | June 17-19 | Washington DC


Join FoodMatch at the Fancy Food Show in Washington DC, June 17-19. The Fancy Food Show hosts more than 2,400 exhibitors from over 80 countries.


Stop by Booth #3401 and sample some of your favorite Mediterranean olives, antipasti and ingredients.


Visit NASFT for more FFS information.

In The News: Fusion Verjus
Recently, the Wall Street Journal interviewed Grant Achatz, the Chicago based chef who is most famous for his deconstructed presentation of food. While snooping through Achatz's cupboards, FoodMatch's own Fusion Verjus was spotted proudly standing among the other ingredients Achatz most covets .


An ancient wine country culinary secret, Verjus has been flavoring foods with its unique combination of acidity and sweetness for more than 2,000 years. Excellent for use in salads and sauces and as a braising or poaching liquid, Verjus is the unfermented juice of unripened grapes. It is prized by chefs for the brightening, balancing effect it has on foods. Verjus presents no wine/vinegar conflict, making it the choice of chefs who regularly present tasting menus and wine/food pairings. Packaged in attractive, glass bottles, it is available in both rouge and blanc.

Visit the Verjus website for recipe ideas.


Fusion Verjus Blanc

Item #52639

Case Pack 12/750 ml bottles

Fusion Verjus Rouge

Item #74277

Case Pack 12/750 ml bottles


Fusion CocktailsAdditional coverage in the Wall Street Journal followed featuring Verjus as a mixologist's trade secret. Touted as an ingredient that is the perfect bridge for wine drinkers to enjoy a nice cocktail, verjus can be consumed in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike. Pregnant women in France will sip on verjus combined with soda water as the perfect spritzer. If you do want to mix in alcohol, the possibilities are endless. We loved this creation, perfect for the arrival of the warm weather.

Verjus Sour Smash

This drink was inspired by the French use of verjus in the kitchen. The Fusion blanc variety brings a little bit of bitterness with an aromatic savor to the gin botanicals and the anise flavor of the tarragon.

2 ounces gin

1 ounce Fusion blanc verjus

1 ounce honey

¾ ounce lemon juice

Club soda

5 tarragon leaves

Shake all ingredients except club soda in a shaker with ice and strain into a highball glass. Top with soda. Tarragon garnish is optional.

New Crop Kalamatas Have Arrived

After careful curing, new crop Divina Kalamata Olives are in stock and ready to order! We are very excited about the final quality of this year's crop. FoodMatch worked with our growers to harvest later than in previous years, taking advantage of the ideal late fall weather conditions that allowed the fruit on the trees to ripen perfectly. You will find darker and firmer Kalamatas than the last two crops. So enjoy this year's Kalamatas at their best!


Recipe Ideas:

Whole Kalamatas can serve as the centerpiece to a Greek antipasti platter paired with fresh Feta cheese. 

Pitted Kalamatas can be added to meat and fish dishes, tossed into your favorite salad or pasta dish, or chopped up to create your own tapenade!

Perfect for Summer: Grab an O
Grab an Os are now in easy to open plastic pouch packaging. With this new design, eating olives on the go has never been easier. The pouches are packed in shelf ready cases (6 4.4 oz bag/case). Three flavors are available; French Country Olive Mix, Picholine Olives, and Green Olives w/Herbes de Provence, Pitted. 

Barnier Grab an O French olives are ideal for:

  • Warm weather picnics
  • After-school snacks
  • Healthy travel snacking
Trend Alert: Summer Sauces
Martha Stewart Sauces for May

Fun summer sauces were featured in this month's Martha Stewart Living magazine as toppers to your summer salads, grilled vegetables, and fresh seafood.

Try these FoodMatch similar products to add to your summer food repertoire:  

72000 Divina Roasted Tomato Bruschetta 6/3.75 lb

D0248 Divina Muffuletta Salad 2/5 lb

D0246 Divina Chopped Olive Tapenade 2/5 lb

D0310 Divina Kalamata Olive Spread 2/5.3 lb

50900 Divina Gigandes Bean Hummus 6/4.4 lb

CLS743 Barnier Preserved Lemon Spread 3/2.2 lb

In the News: Med Diet

The New York Times recently reported on Peter Kaminsky author of Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (and Really Well) (Alfred E. Knopf, 2012) in which he writes about the healthy diet taken on after the threat of diabetes and obesity.


Kaminsky and the Times toured Mario Batali's Eataly in New York City exploring great food options that both fill and satisfy hungry diners. Kaminsky says that "telling a food writer that he's got to stop eating stuff is like telling a piano player that he's got to use 44 keys," so the flavor per calorie or F.P.C. plays a major part in his choices guiding him toward items such as "anchovies, chickpeas, capers, plain yogurt, olive oil and roasted almonds."


By switching to this Mediterranean Diet Kaminsky dropped 40 pounds with a healthy blood sugar level. The dangerous empty calories lie in flavored drinks and sodas, anything with a lot of sugar or lots of processed ingredients like white flour, sugar and potatoes. One example of the ease of the switch was "what used to be pasta dishes became lentil dishes or farro dishes."


Read more about the Mediterranean Diet

Employee Profile: Mike Rowe

Just the facts 


Mike, pictured above on the right, at a football match in England this spring.

Name:   Michael Rowe


Job Title:  Logistics Supervisor


# Years @ FoodMatch:  2


Favorite FoodMatch Moment: The Annual FoodMatch Holiday Party


Favorite Food: Steak Frites


Little known facts: Mike loves soccer, especially Manchester United and he finally went to go see them play in person on a recent trip to England in April.  Also, he attended the 2006 World Cup in Germany and is looking forward to Brazil in 2014!

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

James Beard 
Thank you for reading this edition of FoodMatch Focus.

FoodMatch, Inc.
Phone: (212) 244-5050 Fax: (212) 334-5042
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May 2012

Tuesday, 1 May 2012 15:25 by foodmatch


FoodMatch Celebrates Med Month & The Mediterranean Diet


Imagine a lunch of freshly baked bread, extra virgin olive oil for dipping, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and bruschetta.  Top it off with a glass of red wine and a long walk around town with friends and family.  In America, this type of lifestyle is often reserved for vacations and retirement.  But in the Mediterranean, this is typical of an average day.


The Mediterranean Diet is steadily making its way into mainstream American culture.  Oldways Preservation Trust, launched in 1990, declares its primary mission as "promoting healthy eating and drinking, with programs that help consumers improve their food and drink choices, encourage traditional sustainable food choices, and promote enjoyment of the pleasures of the table."


This way of life has been deemed so essential that in November 2010, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recognized the Med Diet as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Italy, Greece, Spain, and Morocco.


 Tips, Recipes & Inspiring Ideas for Med Month

Mediterranean Diet Tips

  • In place of salt, try using fresh or dry herbs and spices.  You can add depth of flavor without raising your blood pressure.
  • Greek Yogurt is a tangy and protein-packed substitute for recipes that call for sour cream or mayonnaise.
  • Red meat can be enjoyed, but try to limit your intake to a few occassions per month.
  • Fish and poultry should be enjoyed at least twice per week. 
  • Ditch the soda for red wine.  In moderation, red wine has shown itself to have health benefits.



Visit Oldways for more information about the Mediterranean Diet.


An Interview with Oldways President, Sara Baer-Sinnott


FoodMatch had the opportunity to sit down with Oldways President, Sara Baer-Sinnott, and much was learned about the popular Med Diet and how easy it is to incorporate into an everyday food routine:


The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid/Plate vs. Traditional Food Pyramids:

 "The USDA pyramid separates grains, fruits, and vegetables while the Med Diet Pyramid values all of these essential ingredients equally."


The effect of habit and culture on our daily routines and diet:

"Eating habits vary widely and are influenced by lifestyles, level of physical activity and the distraction of social media.  The sturdy base to the Med Diet pyramid is people because this human element is vital in a world becoming more consumed with technology."


Current Med Diet Must Have:

"Grain Salads!  I love mixing together whole grains and leafy greans."


MedMatch with FoodMatchRecipe Tips




Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid



 Happy and Healthy Med Month from Foodmatch!




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October 2011

Tuesday, 8 November 2011 18:18 by foodmatch
In This Issue
Olives Making Headlines
New Item Alert: Olive Bruschetta
Culinary Trends: Peruvian Cuisine
Martha Stewart & Divina Kalamata Spread
Employee Profile
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Quick Links 
Olives Making Headlines
In the News
NEW FROM FOODMATCHDivina Olive Bruschetta
                     Just the Facts  Item Name:    Divina Olive Bruschetta Item #:           20246 Origin:           Greece Case Pack:    6/8.1 oz Ingredients:    Olives (Halkidiki green, Kalamata),                      sunflower oil, Florina red pepper                      strips, capers, chopped garlic, red                      wine vinegar, spices, sea salt, citric                      acid  An updated tapenade - Divina Olive Bruschetta is chopped instead of puréed.  Made from all natural, artisanally cultivated and cured olives with sweet peppers, zesty capers, rounded out with garlic and spices.  This is the ultimate crowd-pleasing topper! Beyond the Cracker5 uses for Divina Olive Bruschetta Developed by FoodMatch Corporate Chef, Brett Greenberg 1. Pizza - use as a base (sauce) on dough.  Top with prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella & drizzle with olive oil.  2. Pasta - sauté with cherry tomatoes, chile peppers and top with toasted breadcrumbs. 3. Salad (dressing) - whisk with mustard, honey, red wine vinegar and olive oil.  Dress an herb salad. 4. Meat - combine with dried apricots and golden raisins and stuff a boneless piece of lamb, pork or chicken. 5. Tacos & Quesadillas - toss with corn, green onion, cilantro and lime juice.  Use as a topper.
Culinary Trends - Peruvian Cuisine
  The Wall Street Journal recently profiled Peruvian cuisine, calling it "the next big food trend to land in America."  Peru is a melting pot for Spanish, Japanese, African and Chinese cultures.  These influences have created a vibrant and flavorful national food scene that features ingredients such as fresh seafood, citrus and the native Ají chile pepper.  "This is the kind of food you can do very frequently and feel virtuous, healthy and sexy" says restauranteur Danny Meyer.   Peruvian restaurants are popping up from New York City to Los Angeles.  Zagat Survey estimates that it is listing four times more Peruvian restaurants today than compared to ten years ago.   FoodMatch is no stranger to Peruvian-inspired cuisine.  One of our most popular stuffed olives is a tender and buttery green olive that is stuffed with an authentic Peruvian Ají amarillo chile pepper.   Versatile and complex, the Ají pepper is crunchy and sweet with a mild chile finish.  We love to dice it into nachos and salsa, but you can also use it to make a homemade olive tapenade for fish and chicken or make a Peruvian-inspired pizza with clams, mussels, garlic and white wine. FoodMatch Item #54578Green Olives stuffed w/ Ají Chile (2/5lb bags)   Here are some traditional Peruvian dishes that feature Green Olives stuffed with Ají Chile: Ceviche - Bite size pieces of sea bass (or any white fish) marinated in lemon/lime juice, onions and diced Ají-stuffed olives.  The acid from the citrus cooks the fish. Papa Rellena - Mashed potatoes rolled into balls and stuffed with ground meat, Ají-stuffed olives and spices.  Cook in a deep fryer until crispy brown.   Ají de Gallina - Shredded chicken cooked with a sauce of milk, onions, Ají-stuffed olives, garlic & spices.  Served over rice.
FoodMatch in the NewsDivina Kalamata Olive Spread & Martha Stewart's "Everyday Food" 
martha stewart FoodMatch is proud to announce that Martha Stewart's magazine, Everyday Food, recently featured Divina Kalamata Olive Spread. "Olive tapenade seems to be popping up all over as a savory blend of black or green olives that can instantly add depth to dinner and appetizers." Kalamata Olive Spread is a versatile ingredient that be spread on a sandwich as easily as mixed with tuna, capers and lemon for a healthy Mediterranean tuna salad.  Some other ideas for Divina Kalamata Olive Spread: -       Serve on its own as a dip for veggies or pita bread-       Top off a chicken or pork cutlet with Kalamata spread, lemon and fresh herbs-       Stuff mushrooms-       Create a light pasta sauce with olive tapenade, diced tomatoes, garlic, basil and EVOO-       Skip the mayo or mustard on your Italian hoagie and try a dollop of Kalamata Olive Spread FoodMatch offers Kalamata spread in the following pack sizes: 
Item #    Description    Case Pack    Country of Origin
20310    Kalamata Olive Spread    6/8.5 oz jar    Greece
21310    Organic Divina Kalamata Spread    6/8.5 oz jar    Greece
D0310    Kalamata Olive Spread    4/34 oz jars    Greece
D0315    Kalamata Olive Spread    2/5.3 plastic jars    Greece
 For more information about this item, please contact your FoodMatch sales representative or call our NY office at (212) 244-5050.
Employee Profile - Racing for a Cure
Sam runs
Sam Meldrum
It is marathon season here in New York City and a few FoodMatch employees are gearing up for some very important runs.   On October 16th, Selena Ortiz will be participating in the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk that takes place in Central Park.  Her team name, "Olive Us For Hope," is a is a touching nod to her work family that supports this worthy cause. On Sunday November 6th, Sam Meldrum will be running the ING Marathon.  A long-term goal of Sam's, he is running the marathon as a part of team "Run to Remember," which raises money to benefit Alzheimer's research.    FoodMatch would like to congratulate Selena and Sam on their work to raise awareness!
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February 2011

Monday, 7 February 2011 16:38 by foodmatch
Jan2011 Header
In This Issue
Divina on "Top Chef"
FoodMatch in the News: Mt. Athos Stuffed w/Citrus
New from FoodMatch: Choucroute au Champagne
Kalamata Olive Crop Update
Olives & The Ancient Mariner
Photo of the Month
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Did you see...? 

On this season's premiere episode of Bravo TV's "Top Chef: All Stars," a retail jar of Divina Kalamata olives (Item # 20221) makes a cameo appearance during the quickfire challenge!

top chef


FoodMatch in the News:  2011 Fancy Food Show

Mt. Athos stuffed with Citrus

Hot off the presses, the San Jose Mercury News just published a review of the 2011 Winter Fancy Food Show.  FoodMatch is pleased to announce that we were named one of their "Top 10 Tastes" from this year's show of over 2000 exhibitors.


Jolene Thym, a writer for the Bay Area News Group came across our brand new line, Divina Bar Cocktail Olives.  It was our Mt. Athos Olives Stuffed with Citrus that inspired her to write the following:


"After nibbling through dozens of substandard olives in search of something extraordinary, I bit into a refreshing, surprisingly citrusy olive, hand-stuffed with strips of lemon and orange zest."


Divina Bar premium hand-stuffed cocktail olives are packed in oil-free brine and convenient plastic jars that are ideal for on-premise foodservice operations.  They are available in following varieties:

Item #   Item Name/Count                              Case Pack

D0675  Stuffed with Jalapeno (130-140)       2/3.1 lb

D0673  Stuffed with Citrus (140-150)            2/3.1 lb

D0678  Stuffed with Red Pepper (130-140)  2/3.1 lb


In addition to our Divina Bar Cocktail Olives above, Mt. Athos Olives Stuffed with Citrus can also be found in both foodservice and retail packaging:


Item #   Item Name                                         Case Pack

D0273  Mt. Athos Green Stuffed w/Citrus      2/5 lb

20273  Mt. Athos Green Stuffed w/Citrus       6/7.8 oz


New Product Announcement

André Laurent Choucroute au Champagne

(Sauerkraut cooked with Champagne)

Andre Laurent Sauerkraut

What is Choucroute au Champagne?
FoodMatch's new Choucroute is a delicate and delicious type of sauerkraut made from expertly, super finely sliced cabbages estate-grown in Champagne, France.  Choucroute differs from other sauerkraut with the addition of wine, fat and aromatics.  André Laurent's  traditional Alsatian recipe includes Champagne, pork fat and juniper berries creating a flavor profile with a versatile range of uses and pairings. 

Serving Suggestions:
In addition to serving with sausages, schnitzel and cured meats, André Laurent Choucroute is an ideal ingredient for hot sandwiches, slow cooker dinners and goulash/casseroles.  Its delicate flavor profile also allows it to pair well with chicken and fish.  For recipe ideas from Jacques Pépin, Bon Appetit and more, visit the following source: 

5 Recipes for Choucroute Garnie


Choucroute in the Press:
Time Out Chicago recently posed the question: can a centuries old, traditional Alsatian dish really be "trending?"  The answer seems to be "yes," as the article talks about how some of the hottest chefs in Chicago are using Choucroute on their menus: Time Out Chicago


The Herald Times News ( recently wrote an article entitled "Sauerkraut: the new 'superfood'?"  In this article, Suzanne Weiss talks about rediscovering the benefits of fermented foods for health, wellness and healing.  "Sauerkraut is rich in Vitamin C and was valued by ancient sailors on long voyages because it helped prevent scurvy.  It has been touted as everything from an immune booster to a flu and cancer-fighting superfood."


Choucroute au Champagne & FoodMatch:

Item #:                  90208

Brand:                  André Laurent

Product Name:     Sauerkraut Cooked with Champagne
Origin:                  France

Case Pack:          3/9.04 lb

Shelf Life:            36 months

Please contact your local FoodMatch sales representative or distributor
for information, samples and pricing.

Kalamata Olive Crop Update 

kalamats frost
The effect of frost on Kalamata olives
The 2010 Kalamata Olive crop harvest has been completed and status reports have begun to come in from the field.  There are three main production areas of Kalamata olives in Greece:


1. Western Greece (Arta to Messologhi)

2. Lakonia Region (Sparta)

3. Livanata (Central Greece)


FoodMatch's Kalamata growers are in the Lakonia and Livanata regions.  Here are their regional reports:


Lakonia Crop Update:

  • The region has produced a smaller size crop this year (8,500 tons vs. 12,000 in 2009)
  • There was a frost in December that destroyed approx. 1,500 tons of olives that were waiting to be harvested. 
  • There are fewer smaller caliber olives and in general, the color will be on the lighter side due to weather conditions during the harvest.

Livanata Crop Update:

  • The region, on average, produces 7,000 tons of Kalamata olives.  This year's crop is aporoximately 5,000 tons.
  • The fall season in this region was very wet and the size of the fruit increased. 
  • Olive caliber size and color is more stable in this region as compared to Lakonia

Western Greece:

  • This region produces an average of 15,500 tons of Kalamata olives per year.  The size of the 2010 crop is expected to be approx. 11,000 tons. 
  • This region typically receives a lot of rain which can affect the texture of the olive.  This season was no different and the crop is expected to have texture issues once the olives are fermented.
  • FoodMatch does not work with growers in this region.

What does this mean for FoodMatch?

It isn't all bad news on the Kalamata front.  The 2010 crop was not damaged at all by the olive fly, which was a problem with last year's crop.  Kalamata olive prices began to escalate at the end of 2010 and we expect this year's crop size issue to liklely keep pricing aggressive.  The quality of the olives should remain very high, as FoodMatch has a dedicated team of growers in Greece that will ensure the best for our customers. 

Olives & The Ancient Mariner

olivesWhat was the top food choice of ancient mariners? 
Olives, of course!

The recent discovery of a large amount of olive stones from a 2000+ year old shipwreck has provided researchers with insight into the diet of sailors in the ancient world.  Discovered under the sea of Cyprus' southern coast, researchers are dating the shipwreck to around 400 B.C.E.  The findings noted that "an interesting piece of evidence that gives us information on the conditions under which the sailors of antiquity lived, are the large number of olive pips that were found during excavation, since these pips must have been part of the crew's food supply."  In addition to olive consumption, ancient mariners were also known to use olive oil as a perfume base.  Additionally, it was used to fuel copper furnaces.

A picture is worth a thousand words...and even more years!

Olive Harvest - Then and Now
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November 2010

Sunday, 28 November 2010 11:52 by foodmatch
November 2010 Header
In This Issue
New Crop: Barnier Lucques
New Crop: Barnier Picholine
New Crop: Cannone Cerignola
New Crop: Divina Castelvetrano
New Crop: Divina Gaeta Olives
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In a continuing effort to bring our customers the most up-to-date crop news from our olive and antipasti growers around the globe, FoodMatch provides harvest updates throughout the year.   This month, get the latest information about new crop Lucques, Picholine, Cerignola, Castelvetrano and Gaeta olives 
New Crop Barnier Fresh Harvest Lucques from France
 FoodMatch Ambassador William Voves recently returned from a trip to France where the Lucque harvest was underway.  The following were notes taken directly from his trip: "When we arrived at Barnier, they were sorting olives and the overall sizing looks a little smaller than last year.  The medium size Lucques are plentiful, the color beautiful and the meat firm with a great crispness. The olive fly was not evident in any of the olives seen at the plant. The report was no real damage by the olive fly this year in France."Later in his trip, William visited "Domaine de Commere," the farm that works exclusively with Barnier on each year's Lucque harvest.  While there, William gained more insight into this year's new crop:"It was explained to me that this year's Lucque crop is being termed the "Immaculate Conception of Olives" because the pollinator trees blossomed late after the blossom of the Lucques were finished. The mystery of not knowing who the father of this crop is has caused quite a stir in the French tabloids. The trees on this farm are from 4 to 8 years old and in beautiful shape.  We picked up that days harvest and it was curing at Barnier the next morning."FoodMatch Lucques:Item #FR502, Lucque (1/11 lb pail)Lucque Crop 2010
New Crop Barnier Picholine from Languedoc, France
  Barnier Fresh Harvest Picholines are grown in the Languedoc region of France and reports of this year's crop are very positive.  The fruit is said to be of excellent size, taste, color and quality. 

Our first containers of new crop Picholines will be arriving in the United States in early December, which means all new orders will receive new crop product.

FoodMatch Picholines:
 Item FR503, Barnier Fresh Harvest Picholine (1/11 lb pail)
New Crop Cannone Cerignola Olives from Puglia, Italy
  The new Bella de Cerignola crop will present some challenges. Unusually cold weather during the end of April and early May caused many of the Cerignola flowers to drop, reducing the size of this year's crop.June brought sporadic hail storms in some of the growing areas, which either knocked down some of the young fruit or damaged them from hail "hits". The cumulative effect of the spring flower drop and summer storms has this year's Cerignola crop down up to 40% compared to last year. Not only is the crop size significantly less but the crop has a much smaller percent of large calibers. Prices for fruit from the growers are over 20% higher this year.  FoodMatch will do everything possible to mitigate increases.FoodMatch Cerignola Olives:Item #60800, Green Cerignola 70/90 count (2/5.5 lb tins)Item #60500, Green Cerignola 90/110 count (2/5.5 lb tins)Item #60550, Green Cerignola 110/130 count (2/5/5 lb tins)Item #60600, Black Cerignola 70/90 count (2/5.5 lb tins)Item #60610, Black Cerignola 90/110 count (2/5.5 lb tins)
New Crop Castelvetrano Olives from Sicily
  Our new crop of Castelvetrano olives (Nocellara del Belice varietal) is currently harvested and in the process of curing. The crop was a good size this year. There were some sporadic problems with hail reported, similar to the storms in Puglia that affected the Cerignolas. With our careful selection we expect another excellent new crop of Castelvetrano olives that will arrive in our warehouses this January.
FoodMatch Castelvetrano Olives:

Item #30102, Castelvetrano Olives (1/10 lb pail)

Item #30104, Castelvetrano Olives, Pitted (1/9 lb pail)
New Crop Gaeta Olives from Italy
  In the Italian provinces of Lazio and Latina, Gaeta olives for oil production are just now being harvested. Gaeta 's for table olives will not be harvested until the early Spring.  So far the crop on the trees looks good in terms of quality, ripening, and overall crop size.  Authenticity Alert!This report is for our authentic Italian Gaeta olives, produced only from the Itrana varietal that is grown in the hills of Lazio and Latina. Many less expensive, small black olives from Argentina, Turkey, and even Leccino and Paranzana olives from other parts of Italy are sometimes sold as Gaeta. Beware of the impostors!
FoodMatch Gaeta Olives:

Item #30101, Gaeta Olives (2/5 lb plastic tubs)
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October 2010

Thursday, 28 October 2010 11:51 by foodmatch
October Header
Featured Articles
Roasted Pepper Crop - Turkey
Roasted Tomato Crop - USA
Mt. Athos Green Olive Crop - Greece
Kalamata Olive Crop - Greece
FoodMatch Crop Calendar
New Crop Update, Issue 1 This is the first in a series of articles that FoodMatch will be delivering to bring you our latest crop updates.
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  Exciting news from our plant in Canakkale, Turkey where the new crop of Divina bulk Roasted Red Peppers is currently being harvested and packed.  Both the supply and quality of our Florina peppers is very good this year.   Climatic conditions have been ideal in the fields, which, at roughly a 650 meter elevation had steady rain during last winter and mild temperatures during the summer.  The peppers are medium to large size, very meaty and flavorful. The mild summer did yield a somewhat larger percentage of slightly lighter red peppers versus very dark red peppers.  Overall the quality of the red and yellow peppers is excellent and FoodMatch expects its first containers to arrive any day! Roasted Pepper Items Available:
Item # Item Name Case Pack
D0195-3 Red & Yellow Pepper Strips 3/5.75 lb tins
D0110-3 Whole Roasted Red Peppers 3/5.75 lb tins
D0120-3 Roasted Red Pepper Strips 3/5.75 lb tins
D0170-3 Roasted Red Pepper Fillets 3/5.75 lb tins
D0130-3 Whole Roasted Yellow Peppers 3/5.75 lb tins
D0190-3 Roasted Red & Yellow Peppers 3/5.75 lb tins
This season, the bulk of FoodMatch's Roasted Tomato production is coming from three different areas along the East Coast.  We began in August by harvesting fresh Roma tomatoes from our contracted fields in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. As the summer progressed, production moved north towards Central and Southern Pennsylvania.  We are now wrapping up our final harvest along the Virginia coastline that will be picked until the first frost of the season. Though record-breaking high temperatures this summer presented a variety of challenges for many tomato growing regions throughout the country, our growers were able to consistently provide us with high quality tomatoes for another successful fall tomato production.                                                   Roasted Tomato Items Available:
Item # Item Name Case Pack
70200 Roasted Red Tomatoes, Frozen 6/4 lb PET jars
70202 Roasted Red Tomatoes, Frozen 2/4 lb PET jars
70264 Roasted Red Tomatoes, Frozen 6/4 lb bags
70234 Roasted Red Tomatoes, Frozen 3/4 lb bags
70247 Roasted Red Tomatoes, Frozen 4/7 lb bags
70647 Roasted Red Tomatoes Strips, Frozen 4/7 lb bags
70303 Roasted Red Tomatoes 3/6.4 lb tins
70434 Roasted Yellow Tomatoes, Frozen 3/4 lb bags
70400 Roasted Yellow Tomatoes, Frozen 6/4 lb PET jars
71000 Minced Sundried Tomatoes in Oil 2/4 lb PET jars
  We expect the green Halkidiki crop to be significantly larger this year as compared to last.  The overall crop will have a larger percent of smaller calibers, which is typical when the trees produce more fruit. The quality looks very good as there have been no problems from the climate or olive fly.   The physical harvest of the crop began in earnest just this week which is later than normal.  Some farmers holding out for higher prices and strikes from truckers helped cause the delay. Now most growers are harvesting as quickly as possible so that the fruit is picked while still green, for optimal quality. Mt. Athos Items Available 
Item # Item Name Case Pack
D0270 Mt. Athos Green, Pitted 2/5 lb
D0271 Mt. Athos Green 2/5 lb
K0270* Kosher Mt. Athos Green, Pitted 2/5 lb
GK0270* Kosher Organic Mt. Athos Green, Pitted 2/5 lb
D0272* Sliced Mt. Athos Green 2/5 lb
*Available via pre-order only.  Please allow 6-8 week lead time.
  The Kalamata Olive harvest will not begin until early November but advance reports suggest an average size crop.  In general, while the average caliber will be smaller, the quality of the olives will be much improved over last year. 

Ideal weather conditions through the winter and summer will yield much darker kalamatas than last year.  Most importantly, there are absolutely no reports of issues with the olive fly.
 Kalamata Olive Items Available
Item # Item Name Case Pack
D0220 Kalamata Olives 2/5 lb
D0221 Kalamata, Pitted 2/5 lb
D0222 Kalamata 2/5 lb
D0225 Kalamata, Wedges 2/5 lb
D0226* Kalamata, Halves 2/5 lb
D0228 Baby Kalamata, Pitted 2/5 lb
K0220* Messinia Estate Kalamata 2/5 lb
K0222* Kosher Kalamata, Pitted 2/5 lb
GK0220* Kosher Kalamata, Wedges 2/5 lb
*Available via pre-order.  Please allow 6-8 week lead time.
Have you ever wondered when your favorite olive varietals are at their peak ripeness?  Let the FoodMatch olive varietal crop calendar guide you on your year-round Mediterranean adventure!New Crop Calendar
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July 2010

Wednesday, 28 July 2010 11:46 by foodmatch
August Header
This Month: All About Figs!
Award Winning Fig Spread
Dalmatia Product Catalog
The History of Dalmatia
Dalmatia in the Marketplace
Recipes by Chef Brett
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Fig Facts 
What came first: the olive or the fig? - Figs are believed to be the first agricultural plant grown by humans.  There have been fig sub-fossils found in the Jordan Valley dating back to 9400-9200 BC. - There are more than 600 different varieties of figs. - Ancient Greece once banned the exportation of figs because they were convinced the fig was a super-fruit that gave their athletes a competitive advantage at the Olympics.
Award Winning Dalmatia Fig Spread
Award Winning Fig HeaderThe NASFT's annual SOFI™ Awards have honored  the Original and Orange Fig Spread with their coveted gold awards. 2010     Dalmatia Fig Spread                 Outstanding Non-Perishable Shelf-Stable Product 2004     Dalmatia Orange Fig Spread    Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Spread or Sweet Topping 
Dalmatia Fig Spread & FoodMatch
 Dalmatia figs are hand-picked and sundried to a rich golden color. The figs are made into spreads using only the finest ingredients. The end result is a prize-winning, all-natural product with superior fruit count. · No artificial preservatives, fat, or sodium · Serve with fresh baked goods, cheese   and charcuterie · Provides cross-merchandising   opportunities · Available in Original and Orange The Dalmatia product range at FoodMatch features the following: 
Item # 26100 Fig Spread, Retail 12/8.5 oz jar
Item # 26110 Orange Fig Spread, Retail 12/8.5 oz jar
Item # 16100 Fig Spread, Foodservice 4/3.53 lb pail 
Item # 26300 Ficoco Spread 12/8.5 oz jar
  Please contact FoodMatch for more informaton on the Dalmatia line of spreads and tapenades.
Croatia and the Rich History of Dalmatia
Figs out to dry
Pictured: Dalmatia's figs drying.
Dalmatia Fig Spread originated on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia where Neb Chupin, one of its creators, remembers back to his childhood when his grandfather instilled in him the importance of figs.  "Figs rejuvenate," he was taught, "they make kids stronger and the elderly healthy and young."

Like any other fruit, Neb notes that fig flavor and aroma profiles are distinct to their area of origin.  "The fruit used in Dalmatia Fig Spreads is medium to small in size and therefore very concentrated in flavor.  The Mediterranean climate is very particular for growing figs. Cold mountain winds from the north, scarce rains in summer months and very hot weather make crops small to medium in size."
 Neb grew up in the town of Vodice, located in central Dalmatia. Every summer he recalls helping his grandfather Dida Boza in the fields picking crops and tending trees. "I helped with almonds, figs, sour cherries, olives, grapes, and carob.  Every year my grandparents would put fresh figs on wooden pallets in the summer and leave them in the sun for a week to allow them to dry.  Dry figs were considered a natural supplement.  Even then, when the medicine and nutrition were not advanced, he knew that figs were a valuable source of nutrition."
Dalmatia Fig Spread in the Marketplace
  We always love to hear how restaurants, caterers, markets and home cooks use our products.  Dalmatia Fig Spread tends to be one of our more popular "you've got to try it like this" products!  Here are some of the best ideas we've received so far:  1. Tony's Pizza Napoletana (Chef Tony Gemignani) This pizza is literally a gold medal winner!  Chef Tony won the prestigious award at Food Network's Pizza Champions Challenge.  The pizza has asiago, mozzarella, imported Italian gorganzola, Dalmatia Fig Spread, prosciutto di parma, parmigiano and balsamic vinegar. (Source: Tony's Pizza Napoletana) 2. The Horse Radish in Carlton, ORNestled in the Oregon wine country is this upscale cheese and wine bar.  The Horse Radish prominently features Dalmatia Fig Spread on their menu.  First, they make a Balsamic Fig Dipping Sauce to serve as a condiment on their cheese tray and alongside a Brie Quesadilla.  If that wasn't tempting enough, try their sinfully delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with Dalmatia Fig Spread and prosciutto. (Source: The Horse Radish)
Recipe Ideas with Chef Brett (This month: Dalmatia Fig Spread)
This month, FoodMatch Chef Brett is inspired by figs and provides us with a main course and dessert featuring Dalmatia Fig Spread.  Fig Barbecue Chicken(Serves 4)Ingredients: Chicken (cut into 8 pieces), Dalmatia Fig Spread (1 cup), EVOO (2 tbsp), Shallots (2 lg), Chili Powder (1/4 tsp), Tomato Puree (1 cup), Cider Vinegar (1/2 cup), Salt & Pepper (to taste). Directions:1. Pre-heat grill to medium-high, leaving 1 area without heat.2. Season chicken with salt and pepper and place skin-side down onto unheated area of grill.  Close lid and cook for 40 minutes.3. Prepare barbecue sauce by heating oil in hot sauce pan over medium heat and sautéing shallots until golden and tender.  Add chili powder and stir 1 minute.  Add tomato puree, vinegar and fig spread.  Cook until thickened and reduced.4. Baste chicken with sauce and move to hot area of grill.  Cook covered for 4 minutes before flipping and basting again.  Repeat 4 more times until well crusted and cooked. Fig Gelato(Makes approx. 1 Qt.)Ingredients: Dalmatia Fig Spread (1 cup), Whole Milk (2 2/3 cup), Heavy Cream (1 1/3 cup), Egg Yolks (6), Sugar (1 cup) and Sea Salt (to taste).  Directions:1. Scald 2/3 cups fig spread, milk, and cream over medium heat (until just under a boil).2. Using a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, beat egg yolks and sugar on medium-high speed until thick and tripled in volume, about 5 minutes.3. Temper egg mixture by slowly adding ½ of the hot milk mixture while continuing to beat on medium-low speed.4. Slowly pour tempered egg mixture into saucepan and whisk until combined with remaining hot milk.  Cook over medium-low heat, whisking constantly, until mixture coats the back of a spoon, about 15 minutes (175F on a candy thermometer).5. Set a bowl in an ice bath and strain mixture into bowl through a fine-mesh sieve or through cheesecloth. Stir occasionally until cooled to room temperature. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold, about 2 hours. 6. Transfer the custard to your ice cream maker and freeze according to its instructions. Garnish with remaining fig spread.
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