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April, 2008 - Vol 1, Issue 4
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Food for Thought
Mediterranean Street"Fish, to taste right, must swim three times.  First in water, then butter, then wine." - Polish Proverb

"Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian.  Wine and tarragon make it French.  Sour cream makes it Russian.  Lemon makes it Greek.  Soy sauce makes it Chinese.  Garlic makes it good." - Alice May Brock

"Music with dinner is an insult to both the cook and the violinist." - G. K. Chesterton

New From FoodMatch                                                                 Grilled Asparagus Salad

Asparagus SaladJust the Facts
Item Name:         Grilled Asparagus Salad
Item Number:      53400
Origin:                Peru

Green asparagus, white asparagus, Piquillo peppers, sunflower oil, water, lactic acid, garlic and spices.

Product Description
Green and White asparagus, lightly grilled, are marinated with sweet Piquillo peppers, garlic and spices in a delicate sunflower oil.  The authentic grill marks give this colorful salad visual appeal and a hint of natural smoky flavor.

The Inspiration
FoodMatch's corporate chef, Brett Greenberg, was looking to develop a new item that not only featured vibrant colors and fresh bold flavors, but could also serve as an instant antipasto.  The result was Grilled Asparagus Salad; perfect on its own and ideal when tossed in salad or pasta.

Featured Item of the Month                                            Whole Wheat Mini Toast Shipper

Of The MonthJust the Facts:
Item Name:
    Whole Wheat Mini Toast Shipper/Display             Item Number:  SDF400

Date Introduced:                      Summer, 2007
Pack Size:                               84/2.8oz. units
Case Length:                           15.25"
Case Width:                             12.13"
Case Height:                            18.66"
Cube:                                     1.99"

Benefits of a Shipper:

- Commands floor space and draws attention of customers
- Highlights product as unique
- Increased sales from higher visibility
- Shipper comes fully packed with multiple cases of product
- Quick and simple setup

FoodMatch Quality Assurance                               Plant Certifications: Behind the Initials
HACCP: Hazard AnalFood safetyysis and Critical Control Point

The Purpose:
HACCP is a systematic approach ensuring food safety that addresses potential physical, chemical and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than final product inspection.  These hazards are controlled by identifying critical control points during a given production process.

The Creation:
During the beginning of the US Space Program in the 1960's, NASA began to look into developing food for consumption in space.  With safety its top priority, they turned to a reliable baking company for help: Pillsbury.   HACCP was formed as a means of identifying quality problems prior to the finished product making it onto the spaceship.

HACCP and FoodMatch:
FoodMatch implements the HACCP program at all of its production facilities around the world.  In addition, our in-house Quality Assurance team has been professionally trained and certified in the HACCP principles.

IFS: International Food Standard & BRC: British Retail Consortium

The Purpose:
The International Food Standard (IFS) is an auditing system developed for retailers and wholesalers.  In order to ensure the safety of their products, IFS gives guidelines for compliance with all legal food safety requirements using a common standard for all to follow.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has developed a "Food Technical Standard" that evaluates manufacturers of retailers in-house brand of food products. Under EU food Law, retailers and brand owners have a legal responsibility for their brands.

The Creation:
With an ultimate goal of creating a universal food safety standard, Germany founded the IFS in 2002.  Their standard can apply for all steps in the processing of foods subsequent to their agricultural production.

The BRC was created in 1998 as a response to the food industry's desire to have a program that could be regarded as the benchmark for best practices in food safety. Its increased popularity outside the UK has seen it evolve into a global standard used not just to assess retailer suppliers, but as a framework upon which many companies have based their supplier assessment programs.

The IFS, BRC and FoodMatch:
In order to satisfy the increasing public desire for accurate and fully traceable food safety, FoodMatch insists upon annual third-party audits against these standards for all of its production facilities.

Market Trends                                                                                           Salt of the Earth

SaltThe National Academy of Sciences recommends that Americans consume a minimum of 500 mg/day of sodium to maintain good health. Most Americans, however, consume much more than that - on average, about 3,500 mg/day. 

The United States was recently surpassed by China as the world's top salt producer.  In 2007, China produced 48 million metric tons of salt while the United States followed closely behind with 46 million metric tons.  Rounding out the list were Germany, India and Canada, who respectively produced 18, 16 and 15 million metric tons of salt. 

In total, worldwide production in 2008 is expected to top the 250 million metric ton mark.  To compare, world production just four years ago in 2004 was 208 million metric tons, close to 20% less.

You may have noticed that the last few years have brought with them an influx in popularity of salt varietals.  No longer does the grocery store just carry typical table salt, but we now have access to different colors, flavors, textures, regions, etc.  Below is a look at some of the more well-known varieties of salt:

Table Salt:Still the most common form of salt, table salt usually contains additives to keep the small crystals from clumping due to moisture.  One such additive, iodine, has been added to table salt for years to help prevent iodine deficiency disorders (IDD).

Kosher Salt:Kosher salt crystals are larger, coarser, and do not contain additives. Due to its seasoning capabilities and crunchier texture, is is the salt of choice for leading chefs.  Harvested like table salt, kosher salt is raked during evaporation, giving the grains a block-like structure.

Sea SaltSea salt is produced through the evaporation of seawater and is usually less dense than table salt, and therefore less salty. Sea salt can come in different colors and adds either a briny, sweet or bitter taste to food, depending on the type of natural impurities it contains.

Sel Gris and Fluer de SelFleur de sel is a slow-melting, hand-harvested crystalline salt that provides an earthy, pleasing flavor.  Sel Gris is a moister salt that has a toothsome crunch.  FoodMatch offers both varieties in both retail and foodservice sizes.  Imported from the Atlantic coastlines of France, both salts are harvested from shallow clay-bottomed salt beds along the water.  They are all-natural, rich with minerals and clean on the palate.

FoodMatch Salt Offerings
Item #               Item Name               Pack Size    

2400                Sel Gris, Coarse             1/22 lb
2401                Sel Gris, Coarse             6/6.3 oz
2402                Fleur de Sel                  6/5.6 oz
2404                Grinded Sel Gris             6/7 oz
2410                Fleur de Sel, Fine           6/1 kg

Source: National Academy of Sciences , 2008 US Geological Survey and Supermarket Guru.

 Employee Profile                                                                                   Jennifer Richards
Just the Facts:Of The Month
Name:                               Jennifer Richards
1st Year @ FoodMatch:        2000
Department:                       Sales
Job Title:                           Regional Sales Manager
Resides in:                         Baltimore, MD
Favorite FoodMatch Memory:
"So far, this would have to be the night at the 2003 Summer Fancy Food Show when Divina Roasted Tomatoes won for Best Foodservice Product.  We were all so proud after so many years of hard work on this product." 
Little Known Facts and Hobbies:
"I studied clarinet and alto sax for about 12 years. I still pick them up occasionally, but mostly to move them when I vacuum. I have a real soft spot for big band and swing, the music of the 40s. They're a lot of fun for a reed player and this is the music my parents have listened to since I was a kid."                  
If you find yourself in Maryland...
"Even if all you do is drive across the Bay Bridge, find a way to get to the Chesapeake.  I've lived in Maryland for just five years and I'm a total waterbug at this point.  If you can't get that far out of Washington, try to get to Great Falls on either the Maryland or Virginia side. It's right off the Washington Beltway and it's a hidden treasure right there in the suburbs. If all else fails and you still haven't had your Maryland experience, eat a crabcake."
Upcoming Events                                                                                       April/May, 2008

NRA ShowMay 17-20, 2008
National Restaurant Association
McCormick Center, Chicago IL.
FoodMatch Booth # 9623

FoodMatch invites you to stop by booth 9623 at the 2008 National Restaurant Association Show where you can sample the best we have to offer in the categories of foodservice restaurant ingredients, olives, antipasti, tapenades, condiments, and more!  We look forward to seeing you there!

The Editor's Desk                                                                                  By: Brandon Gross

This Month: Spring Has SprungSpring Flowers

Spring is a time to shed the layers of winter and look forward to over 6 months of the great outdoors.  To many people, the start of Spring is a chance to reconnect with nature.  This month, I thought I'd provide you with a list of some of the top fresh seasonal ingredients that Spring has to offer:

Fruits                    Vegetables              Flowers

Strawberries            Asparagus               Tulips
Watermelon             Avocado                 Daffodils
Cherries                  Artichokes               Irises
Apricots                  Green Peas             Crocuses


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