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FoodMatch FocusJune, 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 6
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Food for Thought
Of The MonthAcademy Award winning actress Halle Berry recently gave an interview to Greece's leading morning newspaper "Kathimerini" about her greatest addiction...and her answer might surprise you...

"I love to eat olives out of the jar, but not the ones in a tin.  They are so different.  I am addicted to olives, and I don't have any other addictions, not even chocolate.  Olives are my only weakness." - Halle Berry

New from FoodMatchGigandes Beans in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Of The MonthFoodMatch is very excited to introduce Gigandes Beans in Spicy Tomato Sauce, the newest product of our Gigandes Beans line that currently features a natural variety as well as one in a vinaigrette marinade.

Divina Gigandes Beans are plump, meaty and satisfying. They are grown on the mountain slopes of Northern Greece where they have become a protein-packed staple of the Mediterranean diet.  Our secret tomato sauce recipe gets its kick from whole chile peppers, garlic and paprika.

FoodMatch Item #       Origin       Case Pack 

        50271                Greece        6/ 4.4 lb     

Featured Item of the Month                                                My Mom's Red Pepper Spread

Pepper SpreadCelebrate the Croatian summer harvest with this intensely flavorful spread filled with the rich taste of red peppers, eggplant and garlic. Croatians treasure this versatile condiment for its sweet flavor and mild heat. 

Item Name:
Dalmatia's My Mom's Red Pepper Spread, Retail

FoodMatch Item #:         Case Pack:            Shelf Life: 0120                             12/ 7.1oz                24 months 

Ingredients:  Red pepper, eggplant, hot pepper, sunflower oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and sugar. 

Health Benefits:  All-natural, rich in vitamin C, low in fat and carbohydrates. 

Taste Notes:  Sweet roasted peppers and garlic rounded out by smoky, meaty eggplant and the mild heat of hot peppers. 

Application Ideas:  Traditionally, Dalmatia Red Pepper Spread is eaten with grilled meats, especially pork, as well as eggs, potatoes and fresh bread. An ideal vegetarian snack when served with toasted bread.

2008 Summer Fancy Food Show Preview

NASFT SummerAs summer heats up every year, so does the specialty food industry as they gather in New York City for the annual Summer Fancy Food Show.  Held every year since 1955, this industry tradeshow boasts some impressive statistics.                            

Fancy Food Show Facts 

- There are over 20,000 attendees from categories such as specialty food, wine, supermarkets, restaurants, gift baskets and more.

- More than 2,300 exhibitors present over 180,000 specialty foods to sample and taste.

- There are over 30 seminars, workshops, tours, tastings, and cooking classes that you can attend.

FoodMatch Goes for the Gold! 

The Summer Fancy Food Show is host to the annual SOFI Awards where top specialty food items compete for the honor of being awarded the top prize in their category. 

FoodMatch has won the gold medal twice and hopes to do so again this year with our Divina Roasted Yellow Tomatoes, nominated for Outstanding Perishable Foodservice Product.

Visit the FoodMatch Booth! 

We hope to see you at this year's Summer Fancy Food Show.  FoodMatch will be be located in the booth # 2274, the same location as last year.  Stop by to say hello, see what's new and sample the highest quality olives and antipasti available in the marketplace.

In the News                                                                       The Health Benefits of Asparagus

Asparagus SaladHave you been feeling tired lately?  Run down after a long day of work?  In need of a body detox?  The remedy you've been looking for might come from an unlikely source: the asparagus spear.
Asparagus provides the body with a boost of folic acid that is proven to help provide energy, assist in digestion and in some cases, even help prevent varicose veins. 

While we traditionally think of asparagus as a green vegetable, there are actually three varietals/colors grown:

Green Asparagus: The original and most commonly found color of asparagus.  Green is the color that will grow if you follow traditional planting methods.
White Asparagus: A technique that originated in Germany, white asparagus is grown in rounded rows which eliminate almost all sunlight from reaching the tender stalks. When sunlight is removed the plants will not produce chlorophyll, the pigment that gives green asparagus its color.  A lack of sunlight and chlorophyll also causes the white asparagus to develop a milder favor and increase in sugar content.
Purple Asparagus: The most unique and least-common asparagus variety, purple asparagus originated in Italy and has a sweeter taste profile than its white and green counterparts.  Purple asparagus will maintain its color after cooking but turns green if stewed.

FoodMatch recently introduced Divina Grilled Asparagus Salad (Item #53400).  This medley of authentically grilled green and white asparagus is marinated with Piquillo peppers, sunflower oil, garlic and herbs.

Crop Update                                                                                  Divina Roasted Tomatoes
                    The 2008 Summer Roasted Tomato Crop
Red Tomatoes
FoodMatch is very excited about the quality, taste and size of this summer's Divina Roasted Tomato crop. 

Earlier, our East Coast growers in Virginia and Pennsylvania were concerned that cold weather was slightly stunting the growth of the tomatoes.  However, the recent warm temperatures should allow the plants to catch up and develop sufficiently deep, strong root systems.
Tomato Facts
The largest tomato grown on record was in Oklahoma and weighed 7 lbs.
Tomatoes provide an excellent source of lycopene, the antioxidant which may help prevent certain forms of cancer and heart disease.
In 1893, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against mother nature and declared tomatoes a vegetable.
The average American consumes approx. 80 lbs of tomatoes each year.
The tomato is America's second largest commercial vegetable, both in yearly weight consumed and total annual yield.
Employee Profile                                                                                              Varun Mehra

Of The MonthJust the Facts:
Name:             Varun Mehra
Department:     Marketing
Job Title:          Marketing Assistant
Year's @ FM:   1
Hometown:       Allendale, NJ

Job Description: "My job mainly involves taking a completed design and seeing it through to production.  I also work with our label inventory and production, as well as writing copy about many of our products.  Most importantly, come find me diligently working the booth at the Fancy Food Show...booth 2274."

Favorite FM Memory: "Back in 2007 we decided to hold the first annual FoodMatch Halloween Costume Contest.  Participants had to wear the costumes around the office all day.  I decided to make good use of some items I had lying around in my closet and created the winning costume, The Merry Prankster.  (And no, that's not my real hair)."

Little Known Facts and Hobbies: "I am a crossword junkie, bookworm and wildly inconsistent tennis player.  I also find myself severely addicted to fountain soda and have recently rediscovered my love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Oddly enough, I once judged a beauty pageant in Warsaw."

***Editor's Note***
Sadly, Varun will be leaving FoodMatch at the end of July to pursue a life in California.  We are all sad to see him go...but wish him the very best in this exciting new journey.  Good Luck Varun!

Upcoming Events                                                                                                   June/July
NASFT SummerJune 29 - July 1
Summer Fancy Food Show
Booth #: 2274
 Please join us at the Summer Fancy Food Show where you can see and sample all that is new from FoodMatch.  On display will be our full line of new items including Grilled Asparagus Salad, Gigandes Beans in Spicy Tomato Sauce, Teriyaki Mushrooms and Caper Salad.

Thank you for reading this edition of FoodMatch Focus.
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