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Breaking News: Tomato Crop
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Summer Fancy Food Show Preview
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Food for Thought                                        Summer Foods
  Summer is upon us and it is time once again to enjoy a whole new season of culinary treats.  Here are a few ideas to turn some everyday must-haves into summer treats:Just Add Ice
  • Need a caffeine fix every morning?  Try a refreshing iced coffee to start your morning.
  • Prefer tea?  Iced green tea is full of healthy antioxidants.  Sweeten with honey and ginger for a sweet & spicy kick.
  • Freeze your fruit!  Instead of ices with high fructose corn syrup, try putting fruits like grapes and berries in the freezer.  They're great for a snack or as "ice cubes" in summer cocktails.
Breaking News                                                                         Roasted Tomato Crop Update 
   This week, FoodMatch President Phil Meldrum visited one of the fields that we have leased to grow our 2009 Summer Tomato Crop.   Located in Milwood, VA, the field is referred to as the "Bottomlands" because of its direct location on the banks of the Shenandoah River.  FoodMatch is optimistic that the fields will be ready for tomato harvesting by August.  This visit is another wonderful illustration of the in-depth involvement FoodMatch has with its growers.  We believe that quality and authenticity are a direct result of traceability.
New from FoodMatch                                                                  Peppadew Goldew Peppers 
  Just the Facts Item Name:    Peppadew Goldew PeppersItem #:           00027Origin:           South AfricaCase Pack:    Bulk (3/70 oz bags)                     Retail (12/14.75 oz jars) Peppadew's newest sensation, Goldew Peppers, are sweet, tangy and have flavor notes of apricot and tropical fruits.  Cultivated 100% naturally by Peppadew, this recent addition to the pepper family is locally grown, hand harvested, hand seeded and pickled in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.  Peppadew's Goldew Peppers are a great addition to antipasti platters and cheese plates.  We also suggest that you try hand-stuffing them with favorites such as goat cheese or tuna salad. For more information, or for samples of Peppadew Goldew Peppers, contact your local FoodMatch representative or call us direct at (800) 350-3411.
2009 Summer Fancy Food Show Preview
food show preview
In the News                                                                                                  All About Canola 
  The 2009 Canola CropNews of canola production has increased recently as a result of widespread frosts in Canada, the world's largest producer of canola.  According to the Canola Council of Canada, frosts are the most widespread they've seen in the past five years. Cool weather can be both positive and negative for canola.  The downside is that cool weather leaves production behind schedule.  In this case, estimates are that this year's canola crop will be delayed for 2-3 weeks.  The frost develops bare pockets of space in the ground which allows weeds to grow.  Harvesting cannot begin until these weeds are removed.   The good news is that cool weather has almost no effect on crops of canola in an early growing stage since they are not yet vulnerable to frost.  There is general optimism that if June can provide good moisture with reasonable heat, the 2009 canola crop will fully recover. Intresting Facts About Canola Oil
  • Canola Oil is the second most consumed oil in the United States, representing 7.5% of oil in the US marketplace. (Soybean is #1)
  • Canola Oil is free of cholesterol and rich in Vitamin E
  • Canola Oil is pressed from seeds produced by Brassica, the same plant family that includes cauliflower and cabbage.
FoodMatch & Canola OilOur Canola/Extra Virgin Blends set the standard in taste, quality and  value.  Affordable, fruity and full-flavored, our blends have the taste of a truly fine extra virgin olive oil and the high smoke point of canola oil.  They are the choice of top chefs nationwide who prefer them over pure and pomace olive oils.   Item #          Product Description                               Case Pack  D0010          75% Canola / 25% Extra Virgin Blend      6/1 gal  D0011          75% Canola / 25% Extra Virgin Blend      1/35 lb  D0030          90% Canola / 10% Extra Virgin Blend      6/1 gal   *All canola blended oils are Kosher certified
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