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Food for Thought
  Due in large part to the success of the movie "Julie and Julia", French cuisine and cooking are rejuvenated this summer.   The Los Angeles Times reported that Mastering the Art of French Cooking, written by the film's focal character Julia Child, recently spent time as the #1 selling book on Acclaimed chef Alice Waters notes that Child's love of good quality food and the art of considering cooking a pleasure rather than a chore can be seen when watching her "smack her lips and talk about how beautiful the vegetables are. That's what has caught fire. This is a delicious revolution." For more information on how FoodMatch embraces France's rich culinary culture, visit the web page for our Barnier brand of French olives and specialties.
New Items from FoodMatch                                       Mt. Athos Green Stuffed Olives in Brine 
  New Items from FoodMatch!  Mt. Athos Green Olives Stuffed with Feta Cheese in BRINE&Mt. Athos Green Olives Stuffed with Sundried Tomatoes in BRINE Divina announces a new packaging option for two stuffed olives. Mt. Athos Green Stuffed with Feta Cheese and Mt. Athos Green Stuffed with Sundried Tomatoes are now available packed in brine!
Brine, the traditional packaging liquid for olives, is what they are cured in to maintain their original, authentic flavor and texture.  Brine is also what keeps olives hydrated.  We've included a small amount of sunflower oil to add a nice sheen to the olives when displayed on olive bars. Another added benefit is that these stuffed olives have more applications - try them as a unique cocktail garnish.
Mt. Athos green olives (the Halkidiki varietal) are ideal for stuffing. The olives are buttery and mild with a smooth, firm texture making it the perfect co-star for the filling. Their large caliber allows for plenty of filling, too. The olives are grown by small family farmers in Greece on the Halkidiki Peninsula, near Mt. Athos. Naturally cured following artisanal, traditional methods protects flavor and texture, ensuring the olives taste the way they would if you were sitting in a taverna in Greece!   Perhaps their most impressive trait, all Divina stuffed olives are filled carefully and artfully by hand.
FoodMatch will continue to offer the two stuffed olives packed in 100% sunflower oil for those who prefer oil-packed options.
Mt. Athos Green Olives Stuffed with Feta Cheese in Brine (New Item #D0402)
It doesn't get more authentically Greek than this! Smooth, creamy Greek Feta cheese fills the Greek classic Halkidiki green olive.  Mt. Athos Green Olives Stuffed with Sundried Tomato in Brine (New Item #D0474)Full-flavored, firm sundried tomatoes make this olive a savory snack. Please contact your local FoodMatch representative to request information or samples.  You can always call our customer service directly at (212) 244-5050.
Back to School Snack Ideas                                                                    Barnier Grab an O
  What are Barnier Grab an O?Colorful and innovative, Grab an O is a classic French olive product line fused with cutting-edge design, resulting in a cool, contemporary lifestyle brand. The hanging notch in the packaging offers versatile merchandising solutions. What flavors are Barnier Grab an O available in?  French Country Olive MixA colorful blend of green, pink and black olives in a lively marinade of peppers, spices and French viniagrette.  Item # 10101 | Case pack 6 x 4.4 oz Green Olives with Provençal HerbsFull-bodied, fruity olives marinated in Herbes de Provence.  A mix of basil, thyme, rosemary, marjoram and savory. A Provençal favorite! Item #10206 | Case pack 6 x 4.4 oz  Niçoise-Coquillo Olives
This small, tender olive is naturally cured to bring out a rich, faintly smoky taste. Pairs well with cheese such as feta and even fruits like watermelon.
Item # 10403 | Case pack 6 x 4.4 oz Picholine Olives
The queen of green olives, Picholines are crisp, yet tender and slightly salty. This is a great starter olive for children of all ages.Item # 10209 | Case pack 6 x 4.4 oz
In the News                                                                                  New U.S. Food Safety Laws
  New U.S. Food Safety Laws Closer to Approval
Legislation aimed at a comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. food safety system was passed on July 30 by the House of Representatives. The bill would give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority to order the recall of tainted foods and require more frequent inspections of food processing plants.
 To help finance the inspections, the bill would impose a yearly fee of $500 to be paid by food processing plants, with a $175,000 cap for large companies with multiple plants. Among the bill's other provisions are a mandate that records of processing plants be made available to inspectors and investigators and a requirement that processing plants develop elaborate safety plans meant to prevent food contamination problems.  In addition, the bill would direct the FDA to create a system that would better trace food products and ingredients as a way of quickly getting to the source of future outbreaks of food borne illness. The bill must also pass the Senate, which is expected to act on the legislation in the fall.
Employee Profile                                                                                               Meabh O'Neill
Just the Facts:

Name:                  Meabh O'Neill
Department:         Sales                    
Job Title:
              Regional Sales Manager - Midwest                        
Years at FM:
           Santa Monica, CA                       

Describe your typical day at FoodMatch: 
"The greatest aspect to my job is that there is no typical day. To sum it up however, maintaining a direct flow of communication is what my job entails. The majority of my time is spent on the road working directly with customers either at the restaurant level or in the stores."

What is your favorite FM memory? 
"One very snowy NYC day, a co-worker and I decided to get a Christmas tree for our new office on 38th street. Despite the 6 block trek that left us cold and wet, we had a blast decorating and were so very proud of our accomplishment that day. It brings me such joy to see the tree and the majority of its orginal decorations still present come holiday time."

What are some hobbies or little known facts about yourself?
"I love the arts! From performing to viewing, music, acting and dancing have always been a part of my life. Had I not been bit by the foodie bug, I would probably still be pursuing today."

If you're visiting Chicago, be sure to...
"Take the architectural river boat tour. I did it during my first visit and was fascinated by the history the city holds. A great book that captures the rebuild of the city following the great fire is "Devil in the White City". Great read and truly a tribute to the city's ability to re-invent itself and become the infamous Second City."
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