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Food for Thought 

Jim Lahey_book coverJim Lahey, the owner/founder of Sullivan St Bakery in New York City, recently published  the book, My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method.  In it, Lahey provides countless recipes and photos for the breads he is renowned for.  
FoodMatch was proud to read the following in Lahey's recipe for Olive Bread:
"What I turn to most often are pitted kalamata olives soaked in a pure salt brine-nothing else, just salt. A commonly available kalamata that I'm very fond of is made by Divina and can be found at many supermarkets and gourmet stores."
"Publisher's Weekly" said the following of My Bread...:
"Lahey's passion for bread-making and feeding people carries the book; his plainspoken advice and patient tutelage provide novices with a sure, steady hand to hold; and his methods will surely be adopted by chefs and bakers of all stripes."
Jim Lahey's book can be found on and at bookstores nationwide.
News from the Fields                                                               Kalamata Olive Crop Updates 
kalamata olive cropThe early word from our growers in Greece on this year's crop is mixed.
The total size of this year's Kalamata olive crop should be approximately the same size as last year (30,000-35,000 tons). In general there will be a higher percentage of larger caliber olives.
We  expect this crop to be somewhat lighter in color. Rainy conditions and a lack of sun in October prevented many of the olives from turning dark and delayed the harvest. The larger calibers are now dark and are being harvested. Many of the smaller calibers are still on the trees and still too light to be picked. 
Unseasonably low temperatures in June and July, combined with humidity, encouraged olive fly (Dakus Oleae) outbreaks, particularly in the Peloponnese (Southern Greece) around Laconia. Some growers are fine while others have up to 20 % of their fruit affected. It all depends on the location of the groves. Reports from the other regions, Livanata (Central Greece) and Agrinio (Western Greece) have similarly reported that from 5% - 20% of the crop has been attacked by the olive fly.  
Even though our growers are sorting the fruit after they harvest, we will have to be extremely selective in the batches of olives we buy.  We will also take extra care during final sorting at our plant. These steps will insure that the final quality, flavor, and texture of the new crop will meet the standards that you've come to expect from Divina.
For more information on Divina Kalamata olive products, visit our online product catalog.
FoodMatch Feature                                                                        Dalmatia for the Holidays 
Dalmatia HolidaysThe holiday season is filled with passed-down family recipes, large joyous meals and sinfully delicious desserts. At FoodMatch, we believe that our Dalmatia line of spreads and tapenades best fits into all of those categories, creating the ultimate holiday culinary experience.
Dalmatia produces sweet and savory spreads from the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Working directly with farmers and artisans, Dalmatia's products are an authentic expression of Croatia's culinary traditions.
Entertaining friends for a holiday party? 
Layer cheeses such as French brie or triple crème with Dalmatia Fig and Orange Fig Spread.  Add mix-in ingredients such as chopped walnuts, almonds or dried fruits and serve with your favorite cracker or crostini.
Baking cookies to hand out as gifts to friends and co-workers?
Our recipe for Peanut Butter and Ficoco thumbprint cookies can be found on An all-natural and fat-free spread, Ficoco has the rich flavors of cocoa and fig without the guilt of traditional holiday desserts. Top the cookies with sprinkle of colored sugar for a more festive treat.
Searching for the perfect holiday host or hostess gift?
Dalmatia Green and Black Olive Tapenades are made from hand-selected olives that are puréed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. My Mom's Red Pepper Spread, a recipe that dates back to the 15th century, captures the intense flavor of sweet roasted red peppers and garlic rounded out by smoky eggplant and mild chiles. This trio of savory spreads is a great gift to give thanks throughout the season.
The versatility of the Dalmatia line of products makes for a superb cooking ingredient or unforgettable holiday gift. Spend this season with Dalmatia!

To learn more about these products, please visit Dalmatia on
Featured Recipe                                                                                                   Peppadew 
Peppadew RelishPeppadews are a unique South African pepper that have a distinctive sweet-hot-spicy flavor profile and a crisp texture.  Peppadew Sweet Piquante Peppers are all-natural, Kosher certified and have an impressive 24-month shelf life. 
In celebration of the season and to highlight the versatility of its product line, Peppadew recently published 12 new and exciting holiday recipes.  We've included one of our favorites from their list: Peppadew Cranberry Relish.
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 1 red onion, finely chopped
  • 10-12 Peppadew™ Mild Sweet Piquanté Peppers, drained and chopped
  • 115g sugar
  • 450g fresh or frozen cranberries
  • Pare one orange thinly in strips, avoiding the white pith. Add the strips to a small pan of boiling water and simmer for 3 minutes.  Drain. Squeeze both oranges and strain the juice into a jug.
  • Heat the oil in a pan and fry the onion for 4-5 minutes until softened but not browned. Add the piquanté peppers and cook for 2 minutes more.
  • Pour in the orange juice and add the sugar. Stir over the heat until it has dissolved, then add the cranberries and strips of orange rind. Simmer for about 5 minutes until the berries are just tender. Tip into a bowl. Serve cold.

To view Peppadew's "12 Days of Christmas" recipes, visit Photo is used with the permission and courtesy of Peppadew.

Peppadew & FoodMatch
FoodMatch carries a wide-range of the Peppadew brand of products.  Please call your local sales representative or our customer service department at (800) 350-3411 to learn more. 
                 FM Item # 00020          Peppadew Peppers                     3/70 oz bags
                 FM Item # 00023          Peppadew, Diced                        3/70 oz bags
                 FM Item # 00022          Peppadew Peppers, Retail           12/14.75 oz jars
                 FM Item # 00027          Goldew Peppers                          3/70 oz bags
                 FM Item # 00044          Goldew Peppers, Retail                12/14.75 oz jars
FoodMatch Employee Profile                                                                Tara Brennan-Shaub 
Tara Brennan_NYC MarathonOur Vice President of Sales on the East Coast, Tara Brennan, recently (and impressively) completed the NYC Marathon.  Below, she talks about her incredible experience:
"As a little girl, every year on Marathon Sunday my father would take my brothers and I to the base of the Verrazano Bridge on Staten Island to watch the start of the race.  Even at a young age, it was mesmerizing to see thousands of people gathered full of excitement and confidence yet also with the underlying uncertainty brought on by the enormous task at hand.  As I got older it connected for me that these people were running the marathon for very personal reasons and for no one but themselves.  As years passed I decided to put running a marathon on my goal list.  I ran my first NYC Marathon in 1998 and just recently, on November 1st, ran my sixth.  Making this race particularly special was that I had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg.  (Recognizing Election Day was the following Tuesday, the Mayor was uncharacteristically charismatic.)
While training, I'll often mentally compare the similarities of running a marathon with my career.  In both cases, to succeed and not fall behind, there is a high level of determination and commitment needed.  The common goal is to complete a task; with running its 26.2 miles and with my career it is continually being valuable as a partner to the men and women I work with.  Many times I have been motivated by FoodMatch and my colleagues' high standards and quest for achievement and it's always gotten me past the next difficult mile."
On behalf of FoodMatch and our colleagues, we'd like to congratulate Tara on the successful completion of another NYC marathon!


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