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Happy Valentine's Day
Divina Roasted Tomatoes in Saveur Magazine
In the News: Fight against obesity
New Crop Green Olives
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Valentines 2010
What's better than chocolate on Valentine's Day?
A box of all-natural FoodMatch treats, of course!
On Valentine's Day (and everyday), we hope you remember that Mediterranean Diet staples such as olives, peppers, beans and tomatoes are satisfying for the heart, mind, body and soul.
Did you know that the Mediterranean Diet boasts the following health benefits: 
  • Reduction in mortality from cardiovascular disease
  • Fewer reports of coronary heart disease, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes
  • Protection against Parkinson's disease and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improved cognitive scores among babies
 Health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet are provided by Oldways.  To learn more, please visit http://www.oldwayspt.org/. 
Pictured (Clockwise): Roasted Red Tomatoes, Stuffed Cherry Peppers, Gigandes Beans in Tomato Sauce, Peppadew, Roasted Tomato Bruschetta, Red Kardoula Peppers stuffed with Feta, Red Pepper Strips, Mt. Athos Olives stuffed with Red Peppers.
Saveur Magazine features Divina Roasted Red Tomatoes
BuddhikaEvery year, "Saveur Magazine" publishes their "Top 100" list of favorite food finds.  This year, coming in at #6 was the fish sandwich from The Ravenous Pig, an American Gastropub in Winter Park, FL.
Here is the skinny on what makes this sandwich so delectable, as told by Rob Sharpstein, contributor to Saveur:
"They sear a thick filet of local grouper, mahi-mahi, or wahoo with butter, garlic, and thyme until it's crunchy outside but terrifically moist within. Then they place that on a freshly baked brioche bun with a little gribiche sauce made with chopped egg, capers, and cornichons. They top it all with buttery Bibb lettuce and sweet, slow-roasted tomatoes."
The slow roasted tomatoes that Rob writes of are none other than Divina Roasted Red Tomatoes.  Grown in the USA and produced exclusively by FoodMatch, both our Roasted Red and Yellow Tomatoes are award-winning recipes! Tomatoes are hand-picked at peak ripeness and slowly roasted to develop a luscious texture and flavor. They are finished in a marinade of garlic, herbs and a blend of extra virgin olive and canola oils.
You can read more about this sandwich and all 100 "finds" in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Saveur Magazine or by visiting Saveur on the web.
Story and photo used courtesy of Saveur Magazine.
In the News                                                                         The fight against childhood obesity
obesityA new initiative led by First Lady Michelle Obama is renewing the fight against childhood obesity in the United States.  Through identifying causes to the problem and providing suggested solutions, she hopes to reverse the dangerous weight trends that effect our nations youth.
Identified as the biggest causes of childhood obesity:
  • Working parents who are given no other choice than to place their priority on fast food as opposed to healthy food.
  • School vending machines that are stocked with candy and soda
  • Food companies that spend billions of dollars annually advertising unhealthy food to kids
  • Lower income neighborhoods where markets are forced to only stock shelf-stable foods full of preservatives rather than fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Lack of time spend outdoors by children due to video games, television and internet 
Identified as possible solutions:
  • Continuous education, starting at an early age about nutrition, exercise and health
  • Use celebrities, athletes, prominent local political figures and business leaders as health role models.  Children are more likely to not feel lectured at if the information comes from these figures rather than parents.  Parents should act as reinforcement.
  • Ensure that health education programs in the government become fully funded and active
The Director of Yale's Prevention Research Center and obesity expert Dr. David Katz explains that "you don't just go from epidemic obesity to epidemic leanness.  We must work to shift the massive momentum of our society in the right direction."  Hopefully, with the support of the First Lady, this is a first step in the right direction.
New Crop Olives In Stock Now!                   Divina Castelvetrano, Barnier Lucque & Picholine
CastelvetranoAt FoodMatch, the first months of the year are a time for new crops of certain olive varietals to make their way into the marketplace and into your kitchen.  Olive crops, like all fruits and vegetables, are never identical from one year to the next.  There can be variances in flavor profile, shape, size, color, texture, etc.
FoodMatch works hand-in-hand with our olive producers throughout the year to monitor the status of new crops and ensure that the newly picked fruit will provide you with the taste and appearance you've come to rely upon.  For our growers, the new crop harvest is a time to celebrate a year's worth of hard work and persistence to ensure that each olive tree produces the best possible fruit.
Here are some of the new crop green olives that are currently available at FoodMatch:
Divina Castelvetrano Olives (FM Item # 30102)
From Italy, Castelvetrano olives are often first identified by their incredibly vibrant, natural blue-green color.  Upon tasting, you will find the olive to be both tender and juicy, with a mildly sweet flavor that satisfies all tastes.  The Castelvetrano varietal is named for the town on the northwestern coast of Sicily where they are grown.
Barnier Lucque Olives (FM Item # FR502)
Perhaps one of the reasons Lucque olives are so distinctive and unique is the extreme precision it takes to properly harvest them.  The Lucque olive trees have female flowers that must be pollinated by Caillon or Amelo trees that bear male flowers. The pollination period lasts for only three days during the month of April. This means that if France experiences weather problems in April, the Lucque crop can be compromised.  Barnier Lucques are almond shaped olives, bright green, firm and meaty.  They are grown in the Languedoc region of Southern France and distinguished by a wonderully crisp, nutty flavor.
Barnier Picholine Olives (FM Item # FR503)

Similar to Lucques, the Picholine varietal is a Barnier Fresh Harvest olive that is cured in Southern France using all-natural, artisnal methods that have been passed down through generations, preserving the inherent, clean and authentic flavors of the crop.  Picholines are smooth and fresh tasting, never acidic.  They are a traditional French cocktail olive.

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