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New Crop: Barnier Lucques
New Crop: Barnier Picholine
New Crop: Cannone Cerignola
New Crop: Divina Castelvetrano
New Crop: Divina Gaeta Olives
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In a continuing effort to bring our customers the most up-to-date crop news from our olive and antipasti growers around the globe, FoodMatch provides harvest updates throughout the year.   This month, get the latest information about new crop Lucques, Picholine, Cerignola, Castelvetrano and Gaeta olives 
New Crop Barnier Fresh Harvest Lucques from France
 FoodMatch Ambassador William Voves recently returned from a trip to France where the Lucque harvest was underway.  The following were notes taken directly from his trip: "When we arrived at Barnier, they were sorting olives and the overall sizing looks a little smaller than last year.  The medium size Lucques are plentiful, the color beautiful and the meat firm with a great crispness. The olive fly was not evident in any of the olives seen at the plant. The report was no real damage by the olive fly this year in France."Later in his trip, William visited "Domaine de Commere," the farm that works exclusively with Barnier on each year's Lucque harvest.  While there, William gained more insight into this year's new crop:"It was explained to me that this year's Lucque crop is being termed the "Immaculate Conception of Olives" because the pollinator trees blossomed late after the blossom of the Lucques were finished. The mystery of not knowing who the father of this crop is has caused quite a stir in the French tabloids. The trees on this farm are from 4 to 8 years old and in beautiful shape.  We picked up that days harvest and it was curing at Barnier the next morning."FoodMatch Lucques:Item #FR502, Lucque (1/11 lb pail)Lucque Crop 2010
New Crop Barnier Picholine from Languedoc, France
  Barnier Fresh Harvest Picholines are grown in the Languedoc region of France and reports of this year's crop are very positive.  The fruit is said to be of excellent size, taste, color and quality. 

Our first containers of new crop Picholines will be arriving in the United States in early December, which means all new orders will receive new crop product.

FoodMatch Picholines:
 Item FR503, Barnier Fresh Harvest Picholine (1/11 lb pail)
New Crop Cannone Cerignola Olives from Puglia, Italy
  The new Bella de Cerignola crop will present some challenges. Unusually cold weather during the end of April and early May caused many of the Cerignola flowers to drop, reducing the size of this year's crop.June brought sporadic hail storms in some of the growing areas, which either knocked down some of the young fruit or damaged them from hail "hits". The cumulative effect of the spring flower drop and summer storms has this year's Cerignola crop down up to 40% compared to last year. Not only is the crop size significantly less but the crop has a much smaller percent of large calibers. Prices for fruit from the growers are over 20% higher this year.  FoodMatch will do everything possible to mitigate increases.FoodMatch Cerignola Olives:Item #60800, Green Cerignola 70/90 count (2/5.5 lb tins)Item #60500, Green Cerignola 90/110 count (2/5.5 lb tins)Item #60550, Green Cerignola 110/130 count (2/5/5 lb tins)Item #60600, Black Cerignola 70/90 count (2/5.5 lb tins)Item #60610, Black Cerignola 90/110 count (2/5.5 lb tins)
New Crop Castelvetrano Olives from Sicily
  Our new crop of Castelvetrano olives (Nocellara del Belice varietal) is currently harvested and in the process of curing. The crop was a good size this year. There were some sporadic problems with hail reported, similar to the storms in Puglia that affected the Cerignolas. With our careful selection we expect another excellent new crop of Castelvetrano olives that will arrive in our warehouses this January.
FoodMatch Castelvetrano Olives:

Item #30102, Castelvetrano Olives (1/10 lb pail)

Item #30104, Castelvetrano Olives, Pitted (1/9 lb pail)
New Crop Gaeta Olives from Italy
  In the Italian provinces of Lazio and Latina, Gaeta olives for oil production are just now being harvested. Gaeta 's for table olives will not be harvested until the early Spring.  So far the crop on the trees looks good in terms of quality, ripening, and overall crop size.  Authenticity Alert!This report is for our authentic Italian Gaeta olives, produced only from the Itrana varietal that is grown in the hills of Lazio and Latina. Many less expensive, small black olives from Argentina, Turkey, and even Leccino and Paranzana olives from other parts of Italy are sometimes sold as Gaeta. Beware of the impostors!
FoodMatch Gaeta Olives:

Item #30101, Gaeta Olives (2/5 lb plastic tubs)
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