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Olives Making Headlines
New Item Alert: Olive Bruschetta
Culinary Trends: Peruvian Cuisine
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Olives Making Headlines
In the News
NEW FROM FOODMATCHDivina Olive Bruschetta
                     Just the Facts  Item Name:    Divina Olive Bruschetta Item #:           20246 Origin:           Greece Case Pack:    6/8.1 oz Ingredients:    Olives (Halkidiki green, Kalamata),                      sunflower oil, Florina red pepper                      strips, capers, chopped garlic, red                      wine vinegar, spices, sea salt, citric                      acid  An updated tapenade - Divina Olive Bruschetta is chopped instead of puréed.  Made from all natural, artisanally cultivated and cured olives with sweet peppers, zesty capers, rounded out with garlic and spices.  This is the ultimate crowd-pleasing topper! Beyond the Cracker5 uses for Divina Olive Bruschetta Developed by FoodMatch Corporate Chef, Brett Greenberg 1. Pizza - use as a base (sauce) on dough.  Top with prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella & drizzle with olive oil.  2. Pasta - sauté with cherry tomatoes, chile peppers and top with toasted breadcrumbs. 3. Salad (dressing) - whisk with mustard, honey, red wine vinegar and olive oil.  Dress an herb salad. 4. Meat - combine with dried apricots and golden raisins and stuff a boneless piece of lamb, pork or chicken. 5. Tacos & Quesadillas - toss with corn, green onion, cilantro and lime juice.  Use as a topper.
Culinary Trends - Peruvian Cuisine
  The Wall Street Journal recently profiled Peruvian cuisine, calling it "the next big food trend to land in America."  Peru is a melting pot for Spanish, Japanese, African and Chinese cultures.  These influences have created a vibrant and flavorful national food scene that features ingredients such as fresh seafood, citrus and the native Ají chile pepper.  "This is the kind of food you can do very frequently and feel virtuous, healthy and sexy" says restauranteur Danny Meyer.   Peruvian restaurants are popping up from New York City to Los Angeles.  Zagat Survey estimates that it is listing four times more Peruvian restaurants today than compared to ten years ago.   FoodMatch is no stranger to Peruvian-inspired cuisine.  One of our most popular stuffed olives is a tender and buttery green olive that is stuffed with an authentic Peruvian Ají amarillo chile pepper.   Versatile and complex, the Ají pepper is crunchy and sweet with a mild chile finish.  We love to dice it into nachos and salsa, but you can also use it to make a homemade olive tapenade for fish and chicken or make a Peruvian-inspired pizza with clams, mussels, garlic and white wine. FoodMatch Item #54578Green Olives stuffed w/ Ají Chile (2/5lb bags)   Here are some traditional Peruvian dishes that feature Green Olives stuffed with Ají Chile: Ceviche - Bite size pieces of sea bass (or any white fish) marinated in lemon/lime juice, onions and diced Ají-stuffed olives.  The acid from the citrus cooks the fish. Papa Rellena - Mashed potatoes rolled into balls and stuffed with ground meat, Ají-stuffed olives and spices.  Cook in a deep fryer until crispy brown.   Ají de Gallina - Shredded chicken cooked with a sauce of milk, onions, Ají-stuffed olives, garlic & spices.  Served over rice.
FoodMatch in the NewsDivina Kalamata Olive Spread & Martha Stewart's "Everyday Food" 
martha stewart FoodMatch is proud to announce that Martha Stewart's magazine, Everyday Food, recently featured Divina Kalamata Olive Spread. "Olive tapenade seems to be popping up all over as a savory blend of black or green olives that can instantly add depth to dinner and appetizers." Kalamata Olive Spread is a versatile ingredient that be spread on a sandwich as easily as mixed with tuna, capers and lemon for a healthy Mediterranean tuna salad.  Some other ideas for Divina Kalamata Olive Spread: -       Serve on its own as a dip for veggies or pita bread-       Top off a chicken or pork cutlet with Kalamata spread, lemon and fresh herbs-       Stuff mushrooms-       Create a light pasta sauce with olive tapenade, diced tomatoes, garlic, basil and EVOO-       Skip the mayo or mustard on your Italian hoagie and try a dollop of Kalamata Olive Spread FoodMatch offers Kalamata spread in the following pack sizes: 
Item #    Description    Case Pack    Country of Origin
20310    Kalamata Olive Spread    6/8.5 oz jar    Greece
21310    Organic Divina Kalamata Spread    6/8.5 oz jar    Greece
D0310    Kalamata Olive Spread    4/34 oz jars    Greece
D0315    Kalamata Olive Spread    2/5.3 plastic jars    Greece
 For more information about this item, please contact your FoodMatch sales representative or call our NY office at (212) 244-5050.
Employee Profile - Racing for a Cure
Sam runs
Sam Meldrum
It is marathon season here in New York City and a few FoodMatch employees are gearing up for some very important runs.   On October 16th, Selena Ortiz will be participating in the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk that takes place in Central Park.  Her team name, "Olive Us For Hope," is a is a touching nod to her work family that supports this worthy cause. On Sunday November 6th, Sam Meldrum will be running the ING Marathon.  A long-term goal of Sam's, he is running the marathon as a part of team "Run to Remember," which raises money to benefit Alzheimer's research.    FoodMatch would like to congratulate Selena and Sam on their work to raise awareness!
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